2018 Parade Dates                                                                             

July 4th Canyon Fourth of July ParadeOld pic RCSP

August XIT Rodeo & Reunion Parade

September 15th 2018 Tri State Fair Parade

November 10th 2018 Veteran's Day Parade

RCSP members must wear a parade uniform:

White long sleeve button-down western shirt with RCSP patches with jeans.
Red bandana or wildrag
Black hat or riding helmet
Parade horses must have a solid red saddle blanket and red wraps on the front legs.
During cold or inclement weather members may wear a black vest and chaps.

For the Fourth of July and Veteran's Day, members are encouraged to decorate their horses to celebrate our nation's freedom and show support for the veterans who served this country proudly.

Here are some examples of rider and horse parade attire to help you get ready for parade season:

Parade Attire for RCSP consists of:

Black Hat

White Shirt with RCSP patches on each arm-can be purchased from the club store

Red wild rag

Red blankets for your horse and either red polo wraps around the cannon bone of your horse or red sports boots


Below is a great example of what Parade Attire would look like for the 4th of July Parade in Canyon, Rider-Ashlery Earls and her horse Asher

Bothgirls1 1 Pictured above: RCSP 2016 Queen Rylee Harris and Jr. Queen Riley McClendon