The Mounted Search and Rescue team was formed to assist the Randall County Sheriffs office on horseback with search and rescue! Today MSAR is still going strong. If you would like to join MSAR please contact Blaine Burnett at 806-674-9503


Active members of RCSP MSAR

1. If you are not active with MSAR and have a Volunteer Card from the Randall Sheriffs Office, please turn your card into Blaine Burnett MSAR Marshal or Dave Bartlow MSAR Deputy Marshal.

2. All horses used by current MSAR members MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CURRENT COGGINS TEST FORM.

               a) Click here to see examples of Obsitcal Training for your horses!

3. It is mandatory that all MSAR members have a Volunteer Card issued by the Randall County Sheriff's Office. These cards are free of charge to the members. Members must have this Volunteer Card on their person in order to participate in a search and rescue call out. 
Mounted Search and Rescue Officers and Duties

MSAR Marshal - Blaine Burnett   (Pictured Right, on Left)                                                              
-In charge of all functions of the unit
-Report ongoing status directly to agency in charge of the incident
-Maintain contact between MSAR and law enforcement officials
-Supervise MSAR members during all search and rescue missions

Deputy Marshal - Dave Bartlow   (Pictured Right, on Right)
-Assist marshal as requested
-Responsible for notifying first responders, either by phone or email.
-Communicate with team leaders and inform them of the possible call out. Provide information regarding location, time, and materials needed.
-Report status and number of personnel responding to the marshal
-Report status of the incident and assests needed to the marshal
-Assist ground crew as needed

First Responders (Mounted Group)
-Report to the Deputy marshal
-Make initial contact with agency in charge and inform Deputy Marshal regarding assests required.

Ground Crew Officer - Open
Ground Crew -
-Maintain communication with the search team regarding current status of mission and changes as they occur. Report ongoing status to agency in charge.
-Obtain additional supplies requested by the search crew.

Search Crew
-Conduct search under direct supervision of Marshal, Deputy Marshal, and law enforcement personnel.
-Maintain communication with Ground Crew regarding current status of search, changes, and additional supplies.

Team Leaders -Dub Nichols, Pat and Elaine Tucker, Jimmy and Anne Jones
-Will contact team members regarding possible call out
-Provide information to team members regarding location, time, and materials needed.
-Report their team status back to Deputy Marshal

Trail Boss - Lonnie Hoagland    (Pictured Right)                                                 

Do you want to become involved with Mounted Search and Rescue?? Please feel free

to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  









   (Pictured Left- Team Leaders and Long time MSAR members Elaine and Pat Tucker 

Right- Jimmy Jones)





Group search with MSAR members (Bottom left)                                                                                   

MSAR members Dave Bartlow and Freddie Blackwell riding

parking lot patrol at Homers Backyard ball (Bottom right)

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